RMTrack is here to help and our technical support team is there to assist you in anyway we can.

Knowledge Base

Technical articles pertaining to RMTrack installation and operation can be found in our knowledge base.

Article Title
kb000 INFO: List of all articles
kb005 HOW TO: Delete test issues from RMTrack
kb008 HOW TO: Change the Maximum Size of Attachments in RMTrack
kb013 HOW TO: Create an email notification for a pending due date – "Reminder"
kb019 HOW TO: Configure IIS Roles for RMTrack
kb020 HOW TO: Change the Session Time-Out parameter in Internet Information Services (IIS), RMTrack v4.0 or higher
kb021 INFO: RMTrack API (version 4 or higher)
kb022 INFO: Unexpected Error Message Configuration Options
kb023 HOW TO: Setup Windows Integrated Security - V4.0 or higher
kb024 INFO: AppSettings in Web.config

Available Support Methods

  • Online Support

    Registered clients can sign on to our online support site for assistance (bug reports, feature requests, etc.). If you are a client and have not received your support account information please contact our technical support team for assistance.

    Non registered users can access the "Public" project area of the support site. On the logon screen click on the "Don't have a user id? Sign up for one here" option.

  • E-Mail Support

    Please email our technical support team for assistance. In your email please indicate which version of RMTrack you're using, which operating system version, and which version of SQL Server. Describe the problem as detailed as possible, especially any error messages you're receiving.

  • Phone Support

    RMTrack technical support can be reached 9:30 to 4:30 EST/EDT at 416-929-1720 or toll free at 1-888-225-2271. If calling after hours please be sure to include a call back number and time (include your time zone if you're not on EST/EDT).

Known Issues with RMTrack

No application is perfect and small issues creep into any system. Our goal at RMTrack is to immediately correct any issues that interfere with a client's ability to do business. Some lower priority issues we may defer until the next release.

To see a list of currently known issues with RMTrack, please visit our support site. After logging on, run the Known Issues report from the Reports menu. Non-registered users can log on to the support site by clicking "Don't have a user id? Sign up for one here" on the logon page.