INFO: RMTrack API (version 4 or higher)


RMTrack includes a REST based API that allows a software developer to create issues, update issues, list issues, search issues, and fetch issue attachment data.


The API is documented in the RMTrackApi.chm help file located in the C:\Program Files\RMTrack Issue Tracking folder on the web server where RMTrack is installed or as an online help file.

The core of the api are the following "web pages":

The API can be accessed from any machine that can access the web site. No firewall changes are required.

A developer will want to review the REST Requests and Message Definitions sections in the RMTrackApi.chm help file.

API Client

Accessing the API's web pages can be cumbersome without the use of a simple API client. The RMTrackApiClient provides a simply "front end" to the API's web pages and allows a developer to easily make requests against the web server.

The RMTrackApiClient is a .NET class library that can be used by any .NET language. The class library is also registered with COM "interop" to enable access from COM based languages like VbScript, Classic ASP, and VB6.

The RMTrackApiClient can be installed "stand-alone" on a separate machine by using the RMTrackApiClientInstallation.msi (or RMTrackApiClientInstallation-x64.msi for x64 systems) located in the c:\Program Files\RMTrack Issue Tracking folder on the webserver where RMTrack is installed.

And experimental version of the RMTrackApiClient for Python and Java is available. Please contact your support representative for details.

Applies to

RMTrack Issue Tracking - V4 or higher

Keywords: API, REST