HOW TO: Delete test issues from RMTrack


One of the principals of RMTrack is that issues cannot be deleted, they must be closed. However, it may be necessary to delete test issues, especially after the intital evaluation stage. For this reason we have created a set of SQL scripts that can be used to delete issues and to reset your issue numbers.

These scripts must be run from SQL Query Analyzer. If you are using MSDE please contact RMTrack Support for assistance.


  1. Download the SQL scripts and save them on your server.
    The scripts can be downloaded from:
  2. Unzip the above file and save the 4 scripts somewhere accessible.
    The ZIP file contains:
    1. DeleteOneIssue.sql - Used to delete specific issues.
    2. DeleteIssuesbydate.sql - Used to delete issues older than a date.
    3. IssueIDReseed.sql - Used to set the starting Issue ID number.
    4. IssueRenumber.sql. - Used to set stating project issue numbers when you are using the site option "Number issues sequentially within projects".
  3. Consider doing a backup, as it is always a good idea to have a recent backup of the database prior to executing any SQL script.
  4. Run the desired scripts in SQL Query Analyzer.
    NOTE: Each script is documented and each script requires modifications to run. Please read the script header carefully.

Applies to

RMTrack Issue Tracking - all versions

Keywords: Delete, Numbers, Reseed