INFO: Unexpected Error Message Configuration Options


When RMTrack encounters an unexpected error the default error page displays a detailed message about the error. The message includes items like the stack trace that may not be appropriate for all installations.


The following web.config AppSetting settings can be used to control these messages

Controls whether the error message and stack trace are hidden (true) or shown (false)
Controls whether errors that occur when open a connection to the database show the details of the error (false) or the message "The unexpected error encountered usually indicates that the application cannot connect to the database. The problem may be that database server is not running, the configured connection details are invalid, or another similar type of problem. Please contact your Database Administration and/or Network Administration group for assistance (please send them a copy of the error details below)"
Controls whether the error message concludes with the normal RMTrack "please email message to support" message (false) or the message from the CustomUnexpectedErrorMessage AppSetting (true).
The message shown to users for unexpected errors. The template field [ErrorDetails] will be replaced by the error details. This setting can be used to customize the standard error message to specify different contact information.

Applies to

RMTrack Issue Tracking - V4 or higher

Keywords: Errors, Unexpected Errors, Security