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Latest Version

Download 64bit: RMTrackv6.0.117-x64.exe

Installation Instructions

  1. New installations will be created with a 30 day trial license key
  2. Download and save the new version from the link above
  3. Review the Installation Guide (pdf), or follow the instructions of the installer
  4. Open the saved installer by double clicking it
  5. The installer will automatically configure both IIS and SQL Server

Upgrade Instuctions

  1. It is always recommended that you do a backup prior to an upgrade.
  2. Download and save the new version from the link above.
  3. Open the saved installer by double clicking it.
  4. The installer will automatically upgrade your existing installation.

Server Requirements

RMTrack is based on Microsoft Windows technology and Microsoft SQL Server. Complete details are available here, and summarized below:

  • Microsoft Windows 2008R2 Server or newer
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or newer (including SQL Express)
  • 20MB disk space for installation

Additional Downloads

V6 Application Guides (htm)
Admin and User Guide Guide for administrators and regular users
API Guide Documentation for the RMTrack REST-based API
V4 Application Guides (pdf)
User Guide Guide for regular users (non-administrator functions)
Administrators Guide Setup, configuration and administrative functions
Reporting Guide Custom reporting configuration
API Guide Documentation for the RMTrack REST-based API
Information Documents (pdf)
Installation Guide Information about the installation process
Hardware Requirements Details about hardware requirements
Licensing and Pricing Details about RMTrack's licensing and pricing
EULA Local Installations - End User License Agreement
Hosted Terms of Service Hosted - Client Terms
Hosted Terms of Use Hosted - User Terms
Hosted Data Security Hosted - Service security and policies
Hosted SLA Hosted - Service Level Agreement
Release Notes
V4 Major Features Summary of major features in V4.0
V4.0 Features and Usability Feature and usability additions in V4.0
V4.0 Point Releases All bug fixes included in V4.0
V3 Major Features Feature and usability additions in V3 (V3.0, V3.1, V3.2)
V3.2 Features and Usability
V3.2 Bugs Corrected
V3.1 Point Releases All items released in all V3.1 point releases
V3.1 Features and Usability
V3.1 Bugs Corrected
V3.0 Features and Usability
V3.0 Bugs Corrected
V2.5 Features and Usability
V2.5 Bugs Corrected