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Purchasing RMTrack
You can purchase online by completing the form below. RMTrack uses as its out-sourced vendor solution for e-commerce payments.
If you wish to discuss other payment methods, get a detailed quote, or find out more about RMTrack, we invite you to e-mail our sales group, or phone us toll free at 1-888-225-2271 (Canada & US) or at +1-416-929-1720.
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Named User Licenses Packs
Named licenses are purchased for specified users on a per user basis.
Quantity      Item      Price (USD)
1 RMTrack Named User License @ $149.00
5 RMTrack Named User Licenses @ $670.00
10 RMTrack Named User Licenses @ $1,190.00
25 RMTrack Named User Licenses @ $2,610.00
Floating User Licenses Packs
Floating licenses provides simultaneous access to all users, up to the specified user limit.
Quantity      Item      Price (USD)
1 RMTrack Floating User License @ $299.00
5 RMTrack Floating User Licenses @ $1,345.00
10 RMTrack Floating User Licenses @ $2,390.00
25 RMTrack Floating User Licenses @ $5,230.00
Unlimited User License
An unlimited licenses provides access to all users without an upper limit.
Quantity      Item      Price (USD)
1 RMTrack Unlimited License @ $8,900.00
Licenses subtotal: $0.00
Annual Support and Maintenance
All purchases come with free support for 45 days. The annual support and maintenance agreement provides customers with unlimited free support for 1 year and all new releases and upgrades for 1 year.
Annual support and maintenance (20% of licenses)
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