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How to Purchase RMTrack
RMTrack licenses for local installation can be purchased on-line with a credit card by clicking here.
To sign up for the RMTrack hosted service or if you wish to discuss other payment methods, get a detailed quote, or find out more about RMTrack, please e-mail our sales group, or phone us toll free at 1-888-225-2271 (Canada & US) or at +1-416-929-1720.
Hosted Service or Local Install
RMTrack gives you the choice of installing the application locally on your server, or we can host the application for you on our secure servers.
Locally installing the application on your servers gives you complete control over the application and its environment. The application runs on your server, uses your SQL database server, and runs within your corporate network.
With the hosted service the RMTrack application runs on our servers, on our network, all within secure, collocation facilities provided by Peer1 Networks ( Each client has their own dedicated database, accessed by your users via the internet. Everything is included in one monthly fee; licensing, support, data storage, server time and backups. There are no hidden costs.
Floating Licenses or Named Licenses
Regardless of which installation option you choose, hosted or local install, RMTrack offers the flexibility of floating user licenses, named user licenses, or a combination of both types of licensing. By selecting the license type best suited to your needs, you can provide RMTrack access to the greatest number of users at the minimum cost.
Named User Licensing
Each user defined in the application has a license dedicated to them, allowing them to use the application whenever they want. For smaller teams named licenses may be more cost-effective than floating licenses.
Purchasing named licenses can also be an excellent way to ensure that key users, like project managers and client representatives, have guaranteed access to the application.
RMTrack Named User Pricing (purchase on-line, or check prices)
Named user licenses are sold individually and in packs of 5, 10, or 25:
  Local Install   Hosted
1 Named User License   $149.00   $14.90
5 Named User Licenses   $670.00   $67.00
10 Named User Licenses   $1,190.00   $119.00
25 Named User Licenses   $2,610.00   $261.00
(all prices quoted in US dollars, Hosted billed monthly)
Floating User Licensing (purchase on-line, or check prices)
Instead purchasing separate licenses for each user, you can purchase floating licenses which are shared between users. These licenses are only counted when the user is actually logged on allowing multiple users to share the same license.
For groups of infrequent users (like clients or public access accounts), or large teams, floating licenses may be more cost-effective than named licenses.
RMTrack Floating User Pricing
Floating user licenses are sold individually and in packs of 5, 10, or 25:
  Local Install   Hosted
1 Floating User License   $299.00   $29.90
5 Floating User Licenses   $1,345.00   $134.50
10 Floating User Licenses   $2,390.00   $239.00
25 Floating User Licenses   $5,230.00   $523.00
(all prices quoted in US dollars, Hosted billed monthly)
RMTrack Unlimited User Pricing
For organizations requiring a large number of users, RMTrack offers an unlimited user license:
  Local Install   Hosted
1 Unlimited User License   $8,900.00   N/A
(all prices quoted in US dollars, Hosted billed monthly)
Annual Support and Maintenance
For local installations RMTrack offers an annual support and maintenance agreement priced at 20% of the license price. For hosted customers support and maintenance is included in the monthly fee.
Annual support and maintenance entitles clients to unlimited support by telephone (toll free in Canada & US), e-mail, or our on-line support web-site. The agreement also provides clients with all maintenance and feature releases at no charge allowing clients to always stay up-to-date with the most recent version of RMTrack.
Academic and Charity Pricing
At RMTrack we are sensitive to the needs of charitable organizations and educators and are pleased to offer discounts to qualified institutions. To find out more, please e-mail our sales group , or phone us toll free at 1-888-225-2271 (Canada & US) or at +1-416-929-1720.
Return Policy
At RMTrack we want you to feel comfortable about your purchase. We strongly encourage you to "try before you buy". Please take advantage of our free trial offers which use fully working versions of our current release. We offer private, online demo sites or you can download the application and evaluate it locally.
We offer free pre-sale support and our team is ready to provide any technical assistance or configuration help you require to fully evaluate RMTrack before you purchase.
After your purchase, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to request a refund.