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RMTrack provides a powerful set of features for managing your issue tracking process. Some highlights of the RMTrack application:
  • Web based access allows your users to access the database from anywhere.
  • Available as a hosted solution or a download for local installation, whichever suits your needs best.
  • Completely customizable issue fields, workflows, data entry forms, user groups and projects let you manage your data, your way.
  • Carefully designed to be user friendly and intuitive so there is little or no training required for end users. Each screen has context sensitive help and full user guides are available from every help page.
  • Integrated screen capture tool allows for easy one-click capture of screen shots.
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Our flash tour provides a great overview of key RMTrack features and capabilities in just a few minutes.
The Administrator's Guide and User Guide, available on our downloads page , are also great ways to learn about RMTrack's capabilities.
You can also contact our support team for an online, guided tour of RMTrack and let us show you the features that matter most to you.
Workflow configurations control who an issue can be assigned to, the valid values for the resolution and status fields, and basic data entry validations. RMTrack installs with a default workflow configuration that can easily be changed or replaced entirely.
  • Unlimited number of workflows
  • Each project can share a common workflow or have its own
  • Ability to define required fields at each state of the workflow
  • Automatic "escalation" for service level agreements
  • Export/import workflow configuration (migration between servers)
E-Mail Notifications
E-Mail notification rules ensure that project members are kept up to date on all assignments. The notification rules are fully customizable and each project can have its own rules or share in rules that apply to all projects.
  • Recipients by function (creator, assignee, etc.)
  • Unlimited number of notification rules
  • Unlimited template based e-mail messages
  • Send HTML or text messages
  • Supports SMTP/ESTMP
Reporting in RMTrack is primarily through custom filters and layouts. The point-and-click filter wizard allows users to quickly build flexible queries that can be shared within a project team or to all users. The layout designer allows users to choose what columns will be displayed (layouts can also be shared). The list of issues can be displayed in a printer friendly/e-mail ready format or downloaded as a .CSV file.
  • Point-and-click filter wizard and layout designer
  • Publish saved layouts and filters to project team or to all users
  • Statistical graphs for distribution and trend analysis
  • Open database for 3rd party reporting tools
Custom Fields
Full support is provided for defining custom fields and custom data entry forms. Each project can have its own data entry form or share a common one.
  • Drop down lists are fully customizable
  • Point-and-click configuration of data entry forms
  • Field level security (by user group)
  • Full audit trail of all changes
  • Full support for file attachments
  • Field types include:
    • Single line text
    • Multi-line text
    • Comments
    • Drop down lists
    • Date and Datetime
    • Numbers
    • Yes/No (Boolean)
    • Computed (advanced)

Permission-based access to projects and issues controlled at a group level. By assigning users to different groups and projects, you can control what issues users can see. You can even restrict access to specific issue fields by granting view and update privileges to different groups.
  • Users restricted to projects they are assigned to
  • Ability to restrict issue access by group
  • Ability to restrict issue creation by group
  • Configurable field-level security
  • Support for users to signup for an account for public projects
  • Full support for SSL